Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A lot of lives begin with false beliefs; Santa, Big Bunnies, Fairies paying for rotting teeth, Princes who will charm. It amazes me that we can develop concrete beliefs, after the letdown. I am honored to have been raised believing in the church and in Christ. How slightly magical it is that my mother was able to love the jolly old man and instill the falsehood of that alongside the realness of God. She showed us how to believe.

She had one of the roughest lives I've known. She had heartbreak, illness, shunning, and failures, yet she smiled. During these struggles, she praised God, instilled her morals and all things necessary to make good women. She had a happiness that enveloped anyone around her. She believed.

When you grow in a world such as this, you tend to have similar struggles. With grace, there is a chance for betterment and fairy tale endings; if you believe.

During my own struggles, even as a young girl, I called on these beliefs to get me to the next step. Lots of steps stood between my tears and joy, at times. I kept climbing. I kept believing.

I saw a post last week about what people believe, when they don’t believe. It baffles me, as it has, how this is possible. I truly don’t understand. I’m not up for a debate, at this time, especially after enlightening you about my wonderful mother. I believe.

Our beliefs are strong and come down for generations. They are like a family heirloom. Everyone in a family is not in receipt of an heirloom. This is true with faith. Not all in the family have the same beliefs; some have none. I am blessed. I have the gift of faith. I continue to believe.



  1. Faith is indeed a gift, and only God can give it. Thank God for you Mom. She sounds like a beautiful woman, able to share her love, so that God could use her positive attitude to inspire others to be open to His gifts.

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  2. MJ told me about your wonderful post today and indeed it is. You are catching on very well to what makes for a good blog post. Parents have a big responsibility to pass values and beliefs on to their children. Many these days are falling short in doing that and I fear that one day there will be a dear price to pay.

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    1. Very good to hear. Thanks, to you both.
      It's frightening. We won't know until it's late in the game.
      However, we can believe all children will get a good base to grow from. : )

  3. When my daughter was born she was 2 month premature. On the 3rd day after her birth, I had two elders from my church come into the NICU at the hospital to give her a blessing. From that moment she made steady (and rapid) progress. At birth, they told us to expect her to be in the hospital at least 8 weeks. She was there a total of 22 days, and is today a happy, healthy 11 year old. I eagerly await finding out God's purpose for her.

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    1. Faith births miracles. God bless. This is a lovely beginning to life. Thank you for sharing it.