Monday, April 7, 2014

Forever is Forever

When someone dies, family and friends of the departed are “consoled” with falsehoods of eventual ease.

There is nothing easy when dealing with death. It’s literally a pain. There is heartache, brokenness, emptiness, etc.

When we give time, time, yes things aren't immediate. Tears aren't constantly flowing. Whales of desperation and fear aren't continually yelped. Yet, they are there, forever.

When someone dies, it’s forever. The phone rings without answer, forever. Your love is not reciprocated, forever. They are not coming back, forever. The pain lasts, forever.

Whose bright idea was it to tell a blatant lie to someone in mourning? Why tell people that it will get better soon, when they are already feeling crazy with grief? Why make things more difficult by making people feel like something is wrong with them, because they still cry a year later? 

Why not tell us that we will feel the loss and the fear and the anger and the hatred, forever; just not constantly.